Renatus Svaret AR 9mm

Renatus Svaret AR 9mm

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 Svaret 9mm is 10 to 12 Weeks. Please send all questionsquestions please to The AR9 comes with the Svaret 9mm Titanium Suppressor for the price above. 


Renatus Arms Svaret and Svaret L - The price is TBD along with the Svaret Ti Suppressor. The price listed is for the Svaret AR Pistol and Svaret 9mm Titanium Suppressor. Svaret Lower accepts Glock mags only for 9mm, 40, and 357 sig. The Svaret L accepts large frame Glock mags for 45 and 10mm. The Renatus Arms 9mm Suppressor will be a all Titanium Supressor in limited quantities. These will be available in AR Pistol and SBR. Svaret translates as "The Answer". The goal is to beat the competitions at the ear noise fir its size when shooting suppressed. The package includes the Svaret AR Pistol and the Svaret Supressor. We are waiting on the lowers to be made so we are looking at 6 to 8 weeks. We will be doing a pre-sale on the package soon. We will be selling lowers only at a later date once they are in stock. Look out for testing videos very soon via Instagram and YouTube.  The Svaret will be built with the highest quality components available. Svaret 9mm AR Pistol description below:


- Renatus Arms Billet Lower

- SLR Upper 9mm

- 4.5", 5.5",  8", or 10.5" Barrel options with  1/10 twist

- Maxim Defense PDW Arm Brace

- JP Rifles Bolt and Silent Captured Spring

- Mil Spec Trigger

- Midwest SP Seris MLOK 9" or 7" Handguard

- Radian Raptor Charging Handle

- Magpul MOE Plus Grip

- Ambi Safety Selector - Seekins 

- 9mm Titanium Supressor with booster mount

- Magpul MBUS Pro Sights